What are the Functions & Characteristics of Social Theory

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 23:11 -- Umar Farooq

What are Characteristics of Social Theory

Following are the main characteristics of sociological theory.

  1. Sociological theory is a set of well-defined concepts.
  2. These concepts are inter-related and have a link with each other.
  3. The propositions contains at least two interrelated concepts.
  4. There would be logical explanation in these propositions.
  5. A theory leads to a reliable prediction.
  6. A sociological theory is subjected to versification through well-organized methods and techniques.
  7. A theory is a scientific and systematic symbolic construction.
  8. A theory is a form work to collect, systematize and interrelated facts.
  9. Sociological theory is provisional in character.
  10. Theory is formulated in systematize way.
  11. The propositions in a theory must make distinction between independent and dependent variables.
  12. Theory is subjected to verification in initial stages.
  13. A sociological theory must be valid and reasonable.
  14. A theory must be precise in nature.
  15. A theory should be comprehensive and would be a curiosity (wonderful) or unique thing.

In short we can say that, a sociological theory is a scientific discipline contains a set of well-defined concepts and interrelated propositions. The construction of sociological theory would be through a systematic and organized way which is verifiable. It should be valid, precise; adequate and scientific in nature.

Functions of Sociological Theory

Following are the major functions of sociological theory.

  1. Theory play a vital role in the digging and solution of various social problems.
  2. Theory is responsible to produce rich and meaningful hypothesis.
  3. Theory is a source and method for sociological inquiry.
  4. Theory establishes a link between specific empirical findings and general sociological orientation.
  5. Theory guides a researcher and narrows down the range of facts.
  6. More and more investigation is due to sociological theory.
  7. Theory formulates research design and is a tool of inquiry.
  8. Theory fills the gaps in our knowledge.
  9. Theory supports the laws to establish.
  10. Theory predicts facts and a theoretical system provides a secure ground for prediction.