What are the Different Types of Migration

Wed, 11/06/2013 - 05:16 -- Umar Farooq

Types of Migration

Following are the different types of migration given by sociologists and demographers.

  1. Immigration and Emigration
  2. In-Migration and out Migration
  3. Gross and Net Migration
  4. Internal Migration

Immigration and Emigration

These terms are used for international migration or migration from one country to another. Immigration is coming from one country to another and emigration is going from one country to another. For example; immigration of Hindus from Bangladesh to India and emigration of Indians to united states.

In-Migration and out Migration

In-migration is the migration within a particular area while out-migration is the migration/movement out of a particular area. These two types of migration are applicable to internal or within the country migration. For example; the migration of rural people to urban areas in Pakistan.

Internal Migration

Internal migration is the movement of people within the country. Its range is from a few kilometers to several thousand kilometers. In this type of migration people are changing their residence from one town to another and one village to another due to matrimony (marriage), occupation etc. the person who change his place of residence from one area to another is known as migration and his activity is known as migration.

Gross and Net Migration

Gross migration is the volume of migration. It is the total number of arrivals of immigrants and in-migrants and departures of emigrants and out-migrants.  Net migration is the balance of migration. It is the difference between the total number of persons coming in and the total number of persons living out or the difference between immigrants and emigrants. In spite of the above types the most important types of migration are external migration and internal migration.