What are the Causes of Drug Addiction

Mon, 11/18/2013 - 08:10 -- Umar Farooq

What are the Causes of Drug Addiction

Following are the major causes of drug addiction.

Biological Cause of Drug Addiction

In biological cause the person does not start drug by himself but he is misdiagnosis of the doctor, e.g. when doctor prescribed painkiller or sleeping pills, the continued usage leads to addiction. Initially he start drug as treatment for medical problem, but after sometime he become addict to the drug.

The following are some reasons which makes a person addict of the drug.

  1. Physical damage / loss of organ
  2. Headache
  3. Body pain
  4. Chest infection
  5. Temperature
  6. Skin diseases etc.

Psychological Cause of Drug Addiction

When the basic needs of a person are not satisfied specially in childhood he becomes psychologically weak e.g. lack of affection, protection etc. They have incomplete personality & can't fight with social hurdles so they try to escape from the existing depression or tension so they start taking drugs. Some people become addict due to these reasons:

  1. Due to inferiority complex: Some people are seeking attention and incase of failure they use drugs to cope with the problems of tension.
  2. Lack of affectation of parents: Parents don't give great preference to their children because of this they easily fall in drugs.
  3. To improve working capability: Some people have to work hard or they need to work hard due to poverty. So they are using drugs to improve working capability.

Sociological Cause of Drug Addiction

  1. Easy availability of drugs: Easy availability of drugs is also a cause of drug addiction. It affects specially teenagers.
  2. Bad peer group: Most people get involve in drug abusing because of bad peer group. They are influential, and pressurized by poor group and compel him for drug addiction.
  3. Curiosity: Some people are very curious and due to this curiosity they start drugs. Children also imitate the action of their elders and others due to it fall in drug.
  4. Poverty: Poverty is also an important cause of drug addiction. A poor person faces a lot of problems due to poverty. So he gets involved in drug addiction.
  5. Unemployment: Some people are using drugs due to unemployment. To reduce the tension they become drug addicts.
  6. Drug abuse for fun: There are many people who are using drugs just for entertainment.