What are the Basic Elements of Religion

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 21:49 -- Umar Farooq

7 Basic Elements of Religion

Following are the 7 most basic elements of religion in sociology.

Beliefs. It is the sensation of brain we have beliefs in one God, Dooms day, Angels, Sacred books, good and bad Luck, while Hindus believe in more than one God.

Religious Organization. Religion is an organization of beliefs, rituals and emotions. No religion without organization can survive. Every religion has its own structure and function and every individual performing his role is that organization. For example, Thousands of people gathers at Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha and people perform the Hajj activities which show an organization structure of the religion Islam. The role of Prophets, Imams, Pirs, priests, Tableegh-e-Jamat is within that structure. Kalma, Zakat, Roza, Hajj and Namaz are organized and form a complete structure of religion Islam.

Emotions. Emotions of hope, fear, reverence and humility are the products of religious rituals. The individual performs religious rituals and attached with emotions. These emotions have close contact with rituals and an individual avoid sins and bows before Almighty Allah. Emotions are the feelings to show the reality of God.

Ritual & Ceremonies. All religions have their own ritual and ceremonies. These are the emotional and ceremonial practices. In Islam, prayers to God, Ablution, fasting, recitation of the Holy Quran are the religious rituals.

Sacred Objects. It has its own sacred objects. For Hindus idols, temples, Cow, river of Ganga and Jamna are sacred. For Christians the cross, Church, and Bible are the sacred objects while for Muslims. The holy Quran, Mosque, Baithullah, Crescent are sacred objects.

Symbols. Symbols are the signs used for sacred objects or situation. Symbols give meaning t human behavior. For example, when Muslims hear “Azan”, they show a typical behavior and keep quiet. The Baithullah and Mosque are the symbols, of god while prayer is the symbol of humility before God.

Sects. There are small groups within a religion called sects. Sects have their own religious followers. In Christianity, there are Catholics, and protestants while is Islam these sects are Shias, Sunnis, Ahle Hadith, Wahabies etc. Among them every one claims to be true but one of them is on the path of righteousness which is the true religion Islam.