What are the Aims of Socialization

Sat, 11/02/2013 - 08:33 -- Umar Farooq

Aims of Socialization

The continuity of society and culture is correlated with the socialization of the individuals. The individual is not horn with ready-made solutions of problems and shared expectations. Through socialization the group prepares a child to become useful member of the society. He learns how to satisfy the basic needs. He is taught, consciously, through formal and informal agencies of socialization to coordinate his behaviour with others in different situations.

Socialization is the best form of social control exercised for the sake of group as well as for personal growth. The following are the aims of socialization in sociology.

Socialization covers basic disciplines of a society ranging from saying "Asslam-o-Aalkaikum" to the complicated scientific methods. In disciplined unstructured and abnormal behavior is not desired in society. An individual is made to understand to modify and to adjust his original nature according to the prevailing socio-cultural environment. The normal behavior is internalized by an individual, which lasts throughout one's life. This internalization becomes so deep-rooted that mostly individuals do not deviate even unfavorable situations for deviance.

Socialization teaches people their specified roles and statuses in different situations in the society. For example, teachers, students, employees, employers, leaders and followers play different roles. The individuals are made to adjust their behavior in such a way as to bring forth co-ordination in the whole society. Further, there are rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with every role, which enhances the social welfare and keeps social order relatively stable.

Socialization teaches many skills to individuals, which are very helpful to them to lead a normal life in the society. The people are taught how to behave in different social situations in order to receive appreciation rather than negative response from others.

Socialization results in creating aspiration for an individual. For example, aspirations to become a good mother or father, good officer or teacher are the results of socialization.

Society transmits its cultural values as well as gives specific orientations like religious, political and educational philosophies, which help an individual to lead a proper life.