What are the Advantages of the Caste System in Sociology

Wed, 10/30/2013 - 22:21 -- Umar Farooq

Advantages of the Caste System in Sociology

Following are the few advantages of the caste system.

The caste determines one's occupation, social participation, role and status in various social situations with functional emphasis on an individual. It brings solidarity, unity and integration in intra-caste people. People develop 'We' group feeling among themselves, taking the persons of other castes as 'They group." Further, many misfit people belonging to a caste are given protection security and chances of new experiences on the basis of simply caste-fellowship. The interests of the people are safeguarded, which do not seem to be possible in an open society.

In a caste system the relations of an individual with other people in day-to-day activities are usually predetermined. It makes the people prepare themselves fully for their new roles, which bring better adjustment of the people in new social situations. The chances of deviation from the normative behaviour of society become less. There would be less confusion and misunderstanding among the people of the different castes. They will be so oriented that their rights and privileges are final and no change is possible.

Caste system is to have social contact among the people belonging to the same caste. The caste bindings and loyalties have a tremendous informal force to bring social contact among the individuals. To outcast an individual or deviant was the most drastic and the highest punishment, because the individual concerned was totally boycotted. The fear of social boycott compelled and provided warning to an individual not to 'behave, indifferently, i.e., not to deviate from the normal behaviour, which was required of him by -virtue of his membership in a particular caste.

The opposition of an individual from cradle to grave remains solid and secure within his caste. It helps a person in the formation of a particular personality and he enjoys liberties, rights and privileges prescribed for his caste. There are ready made solutions for the ,problems, which are being faced by an individual in his daily life.

It results in division of labour among the individuals of a given society. It has many advantages in economic, political and social fields and encourages specialization in society.

Caste helps further in maintaining the purity of the races as exogamy is not possible under normal circumstances. There are less chances of personality disorganization of an average person in a given caste. The members of a caste rationalized their shared-expectations even of injustice and insecurity.

The caste system of India has been regarded as the precious inheritance of the forefathers for the last many thousand years. Last but not the least advantage of caste system helped in the preservation of Hindu religion and cultural heritage in the society, which is vivid, unique and is the culture whose past is never dead.