What are Social Organizations Definition & Characteristics

Sun, 10/27/2013 - 03:29 -- Umar Farooq

Define Social Organizations

Elliot and Merrill define social organization is a state or a condition in which various institutions of a society are functioning to recognize their purposes.

According to Earnest Jones it is a system in which all the parts of a society are interrelated to each other and to the whole society in a meaningful way.

Characteristics of Social Organizations

Following are the main characteristics of social organizations

Unanimity among Members

Unanimity means the full agreement among the members of a social organization who accept the situation willingly. Unanimity among members of a social organization is an important character which plays a vital role in the existence of that organization. Every individual in a group or society has its own status and according to the status they perform various roles which are acceptance to the whole group. But when the status or a role of an individual charged it becomes dysfunctional to the social organization and leads to social disorganization. For example caste system in its initial stages worked well and was a part of our social organization but when the statuses of the individual in caste system were misused. The whole system of social organization equilibrium members is necessary.

Social Control

When a social organization becomes disorganized, social control is very essential for its organization. The individuals must be brought under social control which makes a block in the way of social disorganization.

Desire to Accept Status

In a society, all the members have no equal status but having difference in sex, physical capabilities, age and group. So for smooth running of a social organization every individual accepts one’s own status and works bitterly. These individuals work in a cooperative level which promotes their living standards. So, in a good social organization these individual accept their own status which can be improved.

Social Organization and Social Control

In every society small groups are combined and form a social organization but when it becomes disintegrated and again leads to the formation of small group. So, there exists an interaction between social organization and social group and both are interlinked with each other.