Social Thought Meaning, Definition, Nature & Importance

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 08:10 -- Umar Farooq

Meaning of Social Thought

Social thought is a philosophical and intellectual ideas of a person or persons regarding to a particular time, place and about the growth, development and decay of human societies. Social thought is a current social thinking about the structure and functions of a social system.

Definition of Social Thought

  1. “Social thought is an idea a concept or a set of concepts about social problems and its possible solutions in a social situation”.
  2. “In past as well as is the present social system, social thought is a rule of thought or thinking about social questions and related answers by some persons”.

In short social thought is thinking about the problems of society by one or few persons in various times.

Nature of social Thought

Aristotle is of the opinion that, “man is a social animal” because man wish to live in a society. Man living is a society is affected by others and others affects him. These individuals living together develops their own opinions, thinking, ideas imagination, attitudes, aspirations and out look towards society. These ideas are mold is a scientific and systematic manner which gives far-reaching results becomes a social thought. In social thoughts, firstly an individual is thinking about the past and present social problems and secondly the body of thought is developed in a systematic manner.

From the earliest time up to the development of sociological theory, social thought and social philosophy were the same. Social thought and sociological theory has close relationship. Social thought is progressing through various stages of wisdom, tales, theology, philosophy, rationalism, pragmatism and scientific methods. Social thought is the study of sociological knowledge about social dynamics. The proverb, “Rome was not built is a day”, is same to social thought, and social theory.

Social thought is an abstract thinking of philosophers and scholar about different social problems. They are trying to solve these problems while looking towards their causal relationship.

Importance of social thought

Following are some important points of social thought.

  1. Social thought is very important in digging out of social problems.
  2. It is important to draw a scientific theory about a social problem.
  3. Social thought represents a particular place in a society or culture and it is related to the social environment.
  4. Social thought is related to the law of cause and effect relationship.
  5. Social thought is trying to correct the errors and mistakes is a society or culture.