Rural Society and Life Meaning and Characteristics

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 03:23 -- Umar Farooq

Rural Society Meaning

Rural society which is sparsely populated with emphasis on agricultural professions. Simple culture with natural environment and informal social life are the conditions rural life. Homogeneity in professions, dress, language and customs of social life is usually found in such people. The rate of change is slow due to slow means of communication. Agriculture is their profession.

Characteristics of Rural Society

Following are the characteristics of rural areas.

  1. Rural settlement: they have open settlements. Pattern of houses are scattered and having open houses covering vast area for courtyard.
  2. Mud constructed houses: most of the houses in these kinds of societies are mud constructed. Although use of bricks and stone is increasing in the societies.
  3. Agriculture: most of the people of these societies are associated with agriculture profession. Some of them are also involve in labor related to agriculture.
  4. Informal social norms: informal social norms are more important and practiced than the formal norms.
  5. Informal social groups: informality among different groups is found. In the evening, people are used to sit at common place called 'dei-a' sharing daily activities and talking issues of the common interests.
  6. Informal social interaction: Interaction is more frequent, deep, face-to-face and informal among the members of society.
  7. Informal social control: Modes of social control in rural life and society is informal and more effective than the formal one. Panchayat system is very much effective and use for the solution of their day to day problem.
  8. Low literacy rate: Literacy rate in this kind of societies is generally low and females are discouraged to go for formal education.
  9. Less social change: These types of societies are relatively static. Very slow and selective modes of social change takes place.
  10. Attachment with religion: people of rural areas are emotionally attached with religious beliefs. Knowledge of the people in this society about religion is generally poor and they are the follower of imam masjid or religious scholars in their social life.
  11. Poor urban facilities: urban facilities like hospital, schools, colleges, universities, paved roads, electricity, gas, telephone, internet, cable, recreational parks, big shopping malls etc. are lacking behind in this society.