Relationship between Demography & Sociology

Wed, 07/31/2013 - 03:10 -- Umar Farooq

Kingsley Davis given the following points of relationship between demography and sociology.

  1. Fertility is connected with the attitudes and social institutions.
  2. Population changes are related to social and economic change.
  3. The labor force is concerned with the population structure and social organization.
  4. The family is related to demographic behavior.

He discussed two other areas of study where sociology and demography are combined. These are internal migration and international migration. Demography is a principle element of sociology for the discussion of family, city, minorities and industrial sociology. It also study the culture, socialization, social stratification, primary groups and collective behavior, combined, population not only depends upon birth rate and death rate but it is also influenced by socialization, education and social system. Population is the group of social being whereas sociology is the study of society, formed of population. Population growth is depend on the relationship between birth rate and death rate. Birth rate depends upon sexual intercourse between male and female which in turn is determined by customs, traditions and social norms. Therefore, population growth is not merely biological phenomena but also a social one. The intimate relationship between sociology and demography does not mean that both are the same. Sociology study society as a whole system while demography study it as a type. The demographic study is statistical while the sociological study is theoretical as well as qualitative.