Relationship between Demography & Geography

Wed, 07/31/2013 - 02:43 -- Umar Farooq

Geography is concerned with the relationship of human beings with their environment. It studies the how the people cope and influence with their environment. It is concerned with the behavior of an individual in a particularly area. So, demography is the study of the human population in a particular place in a particular time. Both are closely related to each other. Demography studies the distribution of population according to geographical conditions. Recent geographers have taken the cultural features are common both to demography and geography. Therefore population distribution in different parts of the world is dissimilar and mostly governed by geographical conditions. Number of population densities and qualities of the population provide the essential background for geography population is the point of reference from which all other elements are observed. So, population is always studied within a definite geographical area. Geography is the study of evaluation of earth’s distributions in operation of the processes such as, soil movement, movement of water overland, climate, biotic processes, organizational evolution and development of resources. Demographic movement is due to the influence of these factors and the changes and in population takes place due to change in these factors. So, demography is closely related to the field of geography.