Marriage Meaning, Definition & Functions of Marriage

Sun, 12/08/2013 - 03:08 -- Umar Farooq

Meaning of Marriage

Marriage in the real sense is the acceptance of a new status with a new set of obligations recognized by other people. Wedding ceremonies are held for the tie of marriage. Marriage is a socially recognized universal institution which is found is every society. It is a social contract of two opposite sexes for the satisfaction of physical, biological, social, psychological and spiritual needs of males and females. It leads to the formation of family and the procreation of children. Sexual relationship and production of children are the basic aim of marriage. It is a Latin word which means the connection of two opposite human sexes for the satisfaction of basic needs.

Definitions of Marriage

Following are some important definitions of marriage.

  1. According to Westermarck “It is a relation of one or more men with one or more women recognized by the law and custom having some rights and duties in case of having children”.
  2. Horton and Hunt says “It is social system us here by two or more than two persons establish a family”. 
  3. According to Mr. Muhammad Niaz, “It is a union of husband and wife approved by the following four agencies i.e. Religion, society, morality, law”.
  4. Mack & Young says “Marriage is an institution or a set of norms which determines a particular relation between parents and to their children’.

In simple words marriage is an institution which ties of husband and wife to fulfill their desired needs like sex satisfaction to bring children and fulfill social and psychological needs of both male and female.

Functions of Marriage

Following are the important functions of marriage.

  1. Procreation of children
  2. Sex regulation
  3. Children socialization
  4. Provide legal parents to children
  5. Give economic security to women
  6. Provide social security to women
  7. Increase man power
  8. Establishes joint fund
  9. Fulfillment of basic needs
  10. Perpetuation of the lineage