Magic Meaning & Definition | Magic Is a Pseudo-Science

Sun, 12/08/2013 - 02:36 -- Umar Farooq

Meaning of Magic

The concept of magic is very old and is found in different tribes of the world. It is different from the religion in the sense that, in religion one is supposed to pray for help from super-natural power while in Magic a magician tries to force the supernatural power to help him.

Definitions of Magic

  1. M.E. Keesing. “It is a technical term which is used to summarize various methods for the influence of the universe”.
  2. Beal & Hoijor. “It is a body of techniques and methods used for controlling the universe, on assumption that certain procedure are followed and certain results would be gained. It is pre-supposes of the cause and effect of a universe.
  3. J.G Frazer.  “Magic is an attempt to manipulate or operate certain perceived laws of nature”.

Magic Is a Pseudo-Science

According to some scholars it is a pseudo-science because both believe in the supremacy of law and causation some of the similarities are discussed as under due to which it is considered as a pseudo-science.

  1. Mechanical Procedure. Magic and science have the same mechanical procedure to follow. They adopt certain ways of practicing mechanical procedure.
  2. Definite Aim. Both have definite aim and purpose to be followed. The scientists work as similar to the magicians.
  3. Causal Relationship. Both cover the cause and effect relationship. The two are based upon the causation of the universal.
  4. Following special rules. The rules are the same followed by the science and magic. These special rules are common is both the practices. Inspite the similarities both have also some differences magic is not science but a pseudo-science.

In simple words magic is belief to perform certain rites to twist the nature for the satisfaction of human desires.