How to Measure Social Interaction in Societies

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 02:15 -- Umar Farooq

Social interaction and social relationship is a social process and influences the interacting bodies in a tangible manner. Interaction is a process of change. This change can be measured mathematically and hence its effects can be predicted. The following are the factors of measuring interaction in society:


The interaction among the people can be measured in terms of its numbers. As how many times an interaction took place between two persons. The more the number of interaction the more the influence among them. The degree of influence depends upon the number of interaction


This factor measures the time spent on the interaction. One interaction ends in five minutes and the other extends up to hours. The more the time spent on interaction the more will be the influence on the interacting persons.


The intensity of interaction can be measured in terms of its importance. How far it has affected the situation can be measured by its result. If the results are positive we can say that there was intensity in the interaction. It means they mostly agree on the issue under discussion.


An interaction must have a subject-matter for focusing the attention of the interacting individuals. The subject-matter is common to them to form common opinion. If the Subject-matter is contradictory there is little focus in the interaction.

By calculating the above factors, we are able to judge the influence of an interaction on the interacting persons. If the interaction is spread upon long period its effects can be predicted on the interacting persons fan individual has frequent occurrence, has longer duration ends the interaction with intensity and on the same focus. We can predict that the forces on the individuals are effective and will change them accordingly. The personality traits of one will affect the behavior, of the other. In this way we can predict that if an individual has effective social interaction and social relationship with an anti-social friend, he will adopt anti-social traits from him. After sometime he may also turn into an anti-social person.