Four Stages of Social Organizations Growth & Development

Sun, 10/27/2013 - 04:49 -- Umar Farooq

Social Organizations Growth & Development

There are four stages of social organization growth and development

Period of Cultivation

Period of cultivation is the initial and embryonic stage of a social organization. It forms a boundary wall around a social organization. In this period the behavior of an individual is mould and stimulated to join an organization. The cultivation or convincing of an individual to become a part of a social organization takes place in this period.

Period of Formation

When all the members are mentally prepared to join a social organization and their behavior is stimulated, then the period of formation starts. In this period a meeting is held calls the member and construct a body or cabinet of that social organization where all the individuals are assigned their appropriate duties and responsibilities. They are informed about the meaning and objectives of the social organization.

Period of Normal Functioning

In this period the organization starts its normal functioning and work under the social organization. In this period the arrangement of various programs, planning for it, modification, maintenance and participation of members are included. It is the functional period of a social organization in which every member works according to his / her assigned duty and capability.

Period of Decline

When an organization reaches to its peak point, it comes down and period of decline starts when an organization becomes unable to function more and does not fulfill the needs and objectives for which it was formed. The link among the members becomes weak and it starts decline or becomes dead. In other words when an organization reached to its objectives or fails to gain its objectives it comes down and abolished or restart with other specific objectives to be fulfilled.

So, a type of cycle develops in the formation and decline of a social organization.