Discrimination against Women in the Workplace with Examples

Sun, 11/01/2015 - 02:54 -- Umair Khan

Women discrimination in the workplace

It has been a long time since females are becoming a victim of racial discrimination in workplace. Even though the society has progressed and the shallow thinking about women has changed to a wide extent but they still have to suffer in one way or another . Women discrimination in the workplace is still a problem that needs to be addressed. Despite the protections, women have to fear discrimination in business. The question is what type of discrimination do they have to face? It is in the form of sexual harassment, preventing women in participating in the job trainings, withholding promotions and more. Due to the unfair treatment, women have to suffer from low morale problems, increase turnover and low productivity issues.  

Examples of Discrimination against Women in the Workplace

There are many examples of discrimination against women. Let’s take a look at some issues with the help of examples:

Pregnancy and Family Issues: Many females try to conceal their pregnancy because of the fact that they might be terminated or they will not be given a chance to take part in job training opportunities. Even pregnant women do not disclose their condition during the interview thinking that if the employer gets to know about it, their resume will not be considered. Similarly, if a woman is caregiver of a parent, the employer might assume that this will divert attention from work and her performance will be faulty. The employer might fire her on the basis of pregnancy discrimination.

Appearance: Discrimination of women is continuously happening because of appearance. This can be physical appearance or even clothing. Employers usually want attractive saleswomen because they think it is likely to increase the sales. Some women feel that due to their appearance, they might become a victim of sexual harassment. The fear of harassment might also arise in case the number of males in the workplace is more.

Physical Ability: In case a woman is handicapped, she might not get promoted or get hired for the jobs that required physical strength. Employers make assumptions on the basis of the gender thinking that females cannot take endurance or strength related tasks.

Wages: This is one the most common forms of discrimination that women become a victim of.  In situation like these, women having the same job title, same level of seniority and responsibilities are paid less than what males are getting.

A good thing is that these discriminations cannot do unnoticed today because there is EEOC Laws and regulations available to protect their rights. Female discrimination in the workplace is addressed with these laws. They have every right to report to the human resources and get legal compensation against the Discrimination Act.  Even some employers have legal procedures through which females can report the cases of discrimination. You might get successful in filing a case but you may not get successful in executing it. That’s a major problem many females have to face and because of this, some of the females don’t even file any case or seek legal help. It is recommended to take action and if the problem is serious, there are employment law attorneys available to help you in protecting your rights. Don’t just keep on becoming the victim of discrimination, it is high time to speak up and use the rights available for getting your woes heard. That’s the only way females will get their respect and the discrimination will gradually decrease.

Discrimination indeed of any type leads to self-destruction if not addressed at the right time in the right way and women discrimination in the workplace is one of them.