Cultural Norms and Values in Society

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 02:43 -- Umar Farooq

Norms and Values

Social norms, informal ones, develop-automatically, by and by during social processes. We are conscious about their existence when we find ourselves in need of them. These are latently working among common man interrelationship and seldom the members conscious are about them. Their emergence differs in nature and degree of intensity from group to group according to group value. As values vary from even individual's point of view, similarly the development of norms differs. One may consider the protection of the religious values prior to economic values and the other vice versa. When we find a group of people coinciding their attitudes together on a. certain common object, it is observable that within the limit of this agreement they have agreed upon common values and common social norms. A common understanding created between two conflicting parties mean a common value and common normative system has been evolved between them.

It has various type and degree of intensity are evolved at various levels of society. These Social codes differentiate human behaviour within one culture and among cultures and thus creating variability in culture. In our society, the code prescribe monogamy through the Muslim Family Ordinance 1961. For Germans polygamy, for Tibetans and Todas (Indians) polyandry and similarly other ways of life are prescribed by various cultures in various societies around the world. The variety in types of codes in a complex society (industrialized and modern) is greater than in a simple one. In a modern society, social organizations and clubs have their own codes. Under the Registration and Control Ordinance; 1961, all our organized group activities are controlled by their respective rules and by laws.