Cultural and Social Values Meaning Differences with Examples

Fri, 09/12/2014 - 02:51 -- Umar Farooq

There two different types of values

Define Cultural Values

Cultural values are hereditary and form core of the culture. List of cultural values include customs, rituals conventions, styles and fashions which are remain in the core culture. The values hold supreme position among them. These values give a shape to the culture and the society. These are very difficult to change because they remain in embedded of social institutions and the social norms. These are the ideals of society. These are remain in the memory of our elders, in old books, in religious and ethical literature. These are sometimes, referred as the values of the old people or the values of the past. They can -be said as the traditions of our life. The deviation from cultural values creates serious social problems. If these are ignored in social life there will be a gap between 'two generations and the son will be separated from his father. But it happens seldom in rapidly changing societies. The neurotic conditions develop due to dissatisfaction in social conditions which lead to frustration.

Examples of Cultural Values

Respect for elders, kindness to the young, telling truth, generosity, sacrifice, tolerance etc are our cultural values.

Define Social Values

These are the current values of the social groups in society. These are those cultural values which have been adopted by society in their daily social life. These values are the present social life and are the direct aims of the people. The young like them. They accept changes according to the social requirements. That is why they are popular in young people and criticized by the old ones. These are direct towards social progress. If these are threatened there is social problem due to infringement into them. A social value, according to Thomas and Znaniecki, is "any datum having an empirical content accessible to the members of some social group and a meaning with regard to which it is or may be an object of activity." Thus food, a university and a poem are the instances of social values.

Examples of Social Values

Technical knowledge, computer literacy, car, houses etc. are our social values.

Difference between Cultural and Social values

The major difference between cultural and social values is that the former are the ideals and the latter are the real goals of the people. The former change slowly, than the latter one. Firstly, the cultural value change, then changes in social value follow. For example, the ideology of Pakistan is cultural value and the birth of Pakistan the social value. The teachings of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) are cultural values and our, following them is social value. The social and the cultural values both go hand-in-hand. The Holy Quran the Bait Ullah and the prayer are the cultural values of Islam. But they are also the social values because the Muslims adopt them as they are. It is to remember that the cultural values do not change automatically. It is the people who change them, by their ideas, customs, attitudes and the actions. Religious festivals are our cultural as well as social values