Causes of Deviance in Society

Thu, 09/11/2014 - 01:58 -- Umar Farooq

It is the failure of learning of norms which creates Deviance. Socializing institutions fail to perform their roles. The learning of norms is the basis of obedience to norms. The following are institutions of socialization of norms in which the personality of individual develops. These are also the agencies of social control.

Broken Family and Improper Socialization

Family is the first institution teaching norms of social life. Parents play important role in this process. Siblings are the second to socialize their members of family. If both or one of the parents is absent by death or other reason, the child fails to get proper learning, required affection and 'needs satisfaction' in the family. He becomes disturbed emotionally and seeks protection in the company of others outside the family. He learns anti-social activities like smoking, gambling, pick pocketing, abusing, telling lie and deviating others in association of bad neighborhood. He gets into the habit of Deviance and becomes delinquent. Delinquency enters into his social life. He becomes criminal in adulthood and gets into the company of big Lack of interest in Education: School and college are the next socializing institutions of education.

If he does not take interest in study, it means his attention has been diverted toward anti-social activities. His associates are not good citizens. The family training has not been effective upon him. He needs correction by persuasion and by force.

Lack of Religious Education and Morality

Mosque, religious education of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah create moral values in the individual. Manners of social life based on good and bad, right and wrong develop during social relations in these institutions. Norms of good conduct forbid man from wrong doings.

Delinquency is hated by the one who acts upon the norms of these religious teachings. Failure to seek religious education paves way toward delinquency. Door of moral value closes opens the door to delinquency. If morality fails to direct toward normative way of life the way to delinquent behaviour becomes easy. Failure of religious and moral values is the main cause of deviant behavior and delinquency.

Rejection by Neighborhood

Neighborhood consists of a number of houses adjoining together to meet the needs of collective living. It is great .socializing institution by frankly living with security and service together. A cluster of families in street line provide social education to the members of neighborhood. All live an informal life. What was to be learnt in this settlement if remains without learning creates a gap in socialization and the personality? This gap leaves defects in the learning process of the individual. Socialization of social norms remains incomplete with the result of abnormal activities. Such actions are deviant with a violation of social norms.

Lack of Basic Facilities

Humans strive for attaining peace and ease in social life. This objective is achieved through having basic facilities i.e. electricity, gas, telephone, air condition, better health opportunity, schooling of children etc. There are many who use wrong ways like crime, robbery, theft, dacoit, selling of drugs just to have access to modern facilities. This desire to have facilities at any cost cause social deviance.

Parentless Child

Absence of parents is chaotic for children. Parentless children are vulnerable by four corners. Their needs like education, food, socializations are not properly met and hence they become deviant.

Mass Media

Mass media is the main force of making public opinion and socializing people. We get guidance from it in every walks of life. Negative use of it is harmful for youth and especially for teenagers. Usually, those teens and youth who misuse it are found in drug addiction, immoral and unethical activities. Teenagers learns new techniques of crime from movies, dramas and other related programs.

Urban Slums

Criminologists in their researches have proved that urban slums and narrow gorges are also sanctuaries of social deviance and crime.