To describe the structure of personality, Freud developed a comprehensive theory known as psycho analytic theory. According to Freud’s theory human mind (psyche) is composed of three parts, each with different functions, properties, components, operating principles, dynamics and mechanics. Freud considered human personality as composed of an id, ego and superego.

Sole Proprietorship Advantages

Formation of Sole proprietorship is very simple, because there are no special legal formalities like permission from government; preparation of necessary documents, registration etc. required to start the business as Sole proprietorship. One can start it at any time and at any place according to his financial capacity. This feature attracts most of the potential investors to invest.

Accoring Piaget theory humans like other organisms, adapt to their environment. This means that they orient their thinking and actions to the things and problems in the environment thus the child must cope with the environment outside the womb which is a totally changed environment. The child knows how to suck, grasp and make noise so this adaptation is the first step to cognitive development.

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