Single User Operating System can run only one program at a time and hence called single user or single task systems. These systems run on microcomputers Only one user is normally in command of the system at any given time. Examples of such type of operating system are DOS-Disk Operating System and Macintosh systems.

Everyone has several abilities but without the contribution of mind and thinking, body does not really become one. We can say that mind and emotions are the operating system that turns one's physical components into a complete person. In the same way components operating system tells the various parts of the computer that they are present and working in collaboration to form a computer.

Application Software

Computer programs which direct a computer system to perform specific information processing activities required for the solution of business, scientific and other problems of computer users. Application Software are also known as packages that help the user to get his required output. These are the software developed by experts in high/low level languages for non-experts.

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