The state is composed of four elements or ingredients or characteristics i.e. population, territory, government and sovereignty. The precise and definite location of Sovereignty is, however, not an easy matter. This problem of location of Sovereignty has, therefore, given rise to a distinction between legal and political Sovereignty. titular and Actual Sovereignty and de jure and de facto Sovereignty.

The concept of sovereignty is permanently associated with the nation state system. It is the central formula under that we try to nationalize the complicated facts of our modern political life. Sovereignty is an English word derived from Latin world "super anus" that means 'superior' or the 'super most'. Sovereignty has been defined as.

A Russian philosopher V. Sovovyer in 19th century pointed out that the extreme forms of Nationalism destroy a nation and for the human being, it makes enemies.  According to Machiavelli, "For national interest do everything, leave morality."

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